January 2019


Top Ways to Reduce Cost of a Heavy Digger

A heavy digger is a helpful piece of machinery that is used for moving earth, excavating, digging, grading, demolition and landscaping. Examples of heavy digger models are the different types of backhoes and excavators, and these are invaluable on any building site. Nonetheless, the machinery is fairly costly and many contractors decide to rent it, rather than purchasing it. However, even after renting, the running costs of heavy diggers are still significant.

Here’s some proven ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger:

1. Shop Around Different Rental Firms

The most effective way of cutting costs is to choose a heavy digger rental firm with affordable fees. While some firms offer heavy diggers that are identical to each other, their rental fees vary. Some firms charge much more than others. Spend some time comparing several firms, prior to selecting one. While you do this, take the following things into account, so that you obtain the most competitive rates:

• Choose a rental service with versatile packages.

• Opt for a firm with various kinds of machinery. If you require a bulldozer and excavator, obtaining them from a single firm would be more cost effective than using a couple of different firms.

• Check that your purchase comes with machine attachments. Possessing attachments like buckets, augers, grading blades and grapples will spare you from searching for these things subsequently. Needless to say, you will have to pay more if you rent these items separately.

Once you have compared your potential suppliers against this criteria, request quotations and opt for the firm that fulfills all your requirements at affordable prices.

2. Obtain a Digger That is Serviced

Think about what would happen if you hired a digger that malfunctioned halfway through your project. You will have to fix it, which will result in extra expenses that greatly exceed the rental price. Prevent this by renting a digger that is serviced. Prior to obtaining the machinery, the plant rental firm should evaluate, service and fix the digger. Throughout the evaluation, you need to be on hand to check that every part is working properly.

Take note of areas like the undercarriage, hydraulic system, attachment system, the controls and the electrical system. Make sure that the fluids are changed. After the machinery is serviced and fixed, you will not incur repair expenses that you aren’t to blame for.

3. Pay for a Good Operator

You might think that an operator is an unnecessary extra cost, however it will mean that you pay less over the long term. Some rental firms allow you to hire machinery with an operator for an extra fee – for instance, £250. Make the most of these offers, because they will cut down the rental costs overall.

A good operator will complete the task quicker than you could have done, particularly if you are not a skilled digger operator yourself. Also, good operators avoid errors that arise from inexperience, and spare you costly downtime. In the event that your operator damages the machinery, you are not liable to pay for it — the plant rental firm will have to cover this cost.

Closing Summary

Plant rental is a vital service in many building and earthmoving projects. Take heed of the above advice, when renting heavy diggers. Get in touch with FGS Plant to discuss your machinery hire requirements. The packages we offer are versatile, and can be customized to your situation. We charge affordable prices and provide free quotations upon request.

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Energy-Efficient Split Panasonic Air-Conditions

The Panasonic aircon is designed to achieve the goal to provide maximum comfort and relaxation to its customers and the technology that can help in reducing electricity consumption. Panasonic split air-condition system offers efficient ECONAVI sensors that are used for the absence detection and sunlight detection to provide your room moderate temperature saving 45% on energy bills.

One more feature of Panasonic aircon is that it has an inbuilt air purifier with its nanoe-G technology. It purifies the air by deactivating the annoying airborne particles. For more information on air-conditions, please contact Cool World Aircon, one of the leading air-conditioning company in Singapore.

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