February 2019


Benefits of choosing a professional painter

Choosing a professional painter for painting your home is so much better than doing the job yourself. The painter is adept and skilled in his job and can bring in his expertise to the job delivering great results. Other benefits of choosing a professional painter include better safety, easy disposal of the waste, better and thorough preparation work, quicker completion of the work and with better results.

When you are looking for the best painter Singapore, trust none other than Pu Hua Eco. We are an established company and have been offering our services for a long time now.

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Why Vertical Blinds Are the Ultimate Choice of Window Furnishing for Australian Families?

As one of the most popular window treatments on the market, window blinds online offer a huge number of benefits. When privacy and light control are important, vertical blinds have long been the window furnishing of choice for Australian families. Vertical blinds online allow you to let sunlight flow into your home without sacrificing your privacy. Here we’ve listed a few things that make vertical blinds more functional.

Sliding Glass or Patio Doors

Finding a perfect window covering for sliding glass or patio doors is very difficult, but vertical blinds are the ideal option for them. This is because, window coverings for sliding glass doors and patio doors need to open from side-to-side. Since these doors usually face high traffic, the window treatments used must be durable and easy to clean.

Vertical blinds are the best option for sliding doors because of its ability to slide from side-to-side and offers louvers or vanes that can be tilted to allow various degrees of light in. So, when it comes to patio doors window treatment, it offers more functionality and versatility.

Wide Windows

Like patio doors, finding the right window treatment for wide windows can also be a challenging task. This is because, majority of window treatments are operated in an up and down fashion, and it makes the weight of the window treatment a primary concern. Hence, the larger windows require blinds that are heavier.

But, when it comes to vertical blinds online, the side-to-side operation makes it such that weight is not a concern.

Low Maintenance

Vertical window treatments are easy to clean and don’t require any cleaning equipment that is much more than a damp cloth. Moreover, vertical blinds do not accumulate dust and dirt in the same way that standard, horizontal blinds or shades do.


Vertical blinds online are one of the most affordable window treatments available compared to roller blinds and other window coverings.


Unlike other window treatments, window blinds are a lot more chic than you might expect. With vertical blinds, you can choose to have them stack to one side or the other, or split them so they stack on both sides.

Overall, vertical blinds come in good design combined with beauty, function and comfort. They are also a good solution for hard-to-fit bay windows. Unlike draperies, vertical blinds still provide exceptional light control and privacy. Their modern look suits any contemporary, modern, and transitional spaces. They also add visual height to a room. With an extensive range of colour option, they will be the perfect match for our home.

Visit to buy blinds online that are of high quality at affordable rates.

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Pay Heed to These Tips When Cleaning Your Gutter

If you are going DIY with the gutter cleaning instead of hiring gutter cleaning services, follow these tips to do it safely and as efficiently as possible.

Get the right tools

  • Gloves: apart from keeping your hands clean, it also protects you from the sharp metallic pieces and screws in the troughs.
  • Trowel or scoop: these tools help in protecting your hands against grime and injury, but accelerated cleaning can help you in scooping and dumping.
  • Ladder: it is recommended to use a tall step ladder for stability purposes rather than using an extension ladder. You can also have a volunteer to steady the bottom of the ladder.
  • Rake or broom: leaves and debris should always be raked and removed, even on the roof, so that the rains have nothing to push more into the troughs.
  • Goggles: if just in case, anything splashes on your face or something sharp comes jumps out from the debris, goggles can protect your eyes at all cost. They also keep the insects away from getting into your eyes.
  • Garbage bag: this makes the gutter cleaning easier.

Practice safety

Be safe at every step of the way. Pay heed to all the safety ladder rules. Never stand on the top rungs. Always put a 2×4 in the trough to avoid the crushing when leaning against the ladder and work on the roof only if it’s good weather outside. Never do troughs when it is icy, windy or wet. Always wear sturdy shoes that have good grip. Prevent leaning over the edges and working nearby the power lines.

Regular cleaning

Always clean your gutter at least twice a year, or maybe more if your house is built below the trees. It is a good practice to clean the gutters in the spring and autumn season as this is the high time for raking away the shed leaves and debris. When you do the cleaning, there is a less chance of the blocked gutter in winters where the water can freeze and crack the trough. The water flow should always be free. Spring cleaning tends to avoid the water damage because of run off from a clogged gutter.

Repairing and maintenance

It is done to avoid cracks, clogs, and broken troughs in an instant. Just a small crack can cause bigger issues when left unaddressed. By the maintenance of the gutters, you are steering away the damage being caused to your home and keeping your investments safe at the same time. Clean gutters also keep your house in a top notch condition and looking fresh. You will also keep the mold and critters at bay.

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