February 2022



When you are a homeowner, there are so many appliances and things that you need to take care of. Being lost about one of the aspects can make you feel overwhelmed in case an issue arises. Whether you already have a furnace at home or looking to install one, you must understand how it works. A clear understanding of the work will help to ensure that you can find the right solutions at the right time. To ensure that the furnace serves you for a long time to come, reach out to the experts at AirMakers. They will come and carry out all the maintenance work needed to keep your furnace running smoothly. During that, they will thoroughly inspect the furnace to ensure that there is no plausible issue that could go out of hand in future. If you are looking to install one, they will do that for you. Some of the major components that form a crucial part of the furnace are as follows:


The thermostat is responsible for declaring the temperature of the room. It is the device that helps to control the furnace. Each thermostat comes with a gauge that can be adjusted to get the level of heat that you want. Automatic thermostats are also available. They can be remotely adjusted, whereas, the non-automatic ones can’t be. After the room reaches the set temperature, the thermostat sends a signal to the furnace which turns it off.


It is that aspect of the furnace which is responsible for producing the heat that is distributed by the furnace. The burner does so by producing the flames. When the burner receives the signal from the thermostat, the fuel will ignite it. The number of burners that a furnace will have is dependent on its size. Most furnaces have multiple burners which heat the exchanger to the set temperature.

Heat Exchanger

Now that the heat has been produced, it needs to be circulated into the rooms. This is done by the heat exchanger. Apart from ensuring that the warm air reaches your room, it also protects your house from the dangerous gases that are produced during combustion. It ensures that these gases don’t escape into the rooms.


The responsibility of the blower is to ensure that the air which has reached the exchanger is circulated evenly to reach the surfaces. There is a fan that is placed inside the blower that helps the warm air from being circulated through the ducts in the house.


The air from the furnace reaches each room through the ducts.

How long do furnaces last?

Furnaces have been designed to function throughout the year. During winters, it can be used to warm up the house. It can also be used for cooling the home during summers. The experts at AirMakers will guide you through this and help you make the best out of your furnace system. They will carry out the installation efficiently without causing hassle.

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One thing that sounds great after a long day is a nice bath. It is also the best way to start off a day. The bathroom is that one room that brings a lot of peace to many people. It is also the first room that we check whenever we are staying at a place for a vacation. Why shouldn’t your bathroom be the way you have always dreamt of it. Reach out to to help you turn your dream bathroom into a reality. Renovating the bathroom is never an easy task. Meticulous attention needs to be paid to the detail. You need to hire the best professionals to carry out the work. The best way to do that is by having a renovation company carry out the task. It will help to make the process stress-free.

The renovation process doesn’t have to be dreadful. When you are looking for a renovation company, you might be overwhelmed by the choices present. How do you find the best renovation company out there? Following are some of the important qualities that will make a good bathroom company renovation shine. Here is what makes Easy Renovation a leading name in the industry.

Detailed Quotation

While making a decision, the quotation offered by the renovation company plays a crucial role. During the initial consultation, the professionals from the company will ask you questions regarding the bathroom space and your renovation goal. Based on this they will calculate the quotation. A detailed estimate would be shared.

Providing other services

The company carrying out the bathroom renovation should provide you with a holistic approach to the services. They should provide designing services. If you are unsure about how to go about designing your bathroom, the experts should be able to help you with that. Easy Renovation provides designing services to their clients. To take this up to another notch, they use 3D modelling and rendering to ensure that the bathroom space is perfect for you. It will help you to visualize more clearly the kind of bathroom that you have been dreaming about.

Best Quality Material

The type of material used will impact the life of the bathroom. High-quality material should be used. Having contacts with different vendors will always be helpful. It will help to ensure that you can get the material you want.

Best in class professionals

Craftsmanship along with the material used has a great impact on how the finished bathroom would look. With experienced professionals, you can be sure that the renovation work will go as planned.

Project Manager

Having a renovation company take over the process, will help to make things easier for you. The company will assign a project manager to overlook the work. They will take charge from the beginning till the very end. They will ensure that the work goes on as planned and on schedule. Once it is over, they will clean up the site before leaving. Having a project manager helps to make communication easier.

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Understanding Solar Screens and Their Benefits.

During warm seasons, the bright light and rays from the sun can cause an uncomfortable blaze; this warmth can further make the house feel like a greenhouse. Installing a screen on doors and windows is one of the necessary steps for households looking to keep good airflow and protect their houses from pests and insects from outside.

But for those who look to have good air circulation and privacy, solar screens are the most ideal. So, what are solar screens? And what are the benefits they bring? Read through this post to learn more.

What Are Solar Screens?

Solar screens are special screen mesh usually made of polyester weave and sometimes has an added strength of PVC coating. Typically, they are installed on the window exterior to black them out.

While they are not the most efficient way of minimizing heat transfer across glasses, solar screens help with solar heat gains. The National Fenestration Rating Council is a government body tasked with rating windows on how well they are insulted, but they don’t possess ratings on solar screens.

Benefits of Using Solar Screens.

After we’ve answered this questionwhat are solar screens? It is prudent to know the benefits of using them too. Read below to learn the pros of installing solar screens.

UV Rays Protection.

For those living in warm climate areas and are experiencing all-year hot weather, it is crucial that they have the perfect protection against UV rays.

Solar screens provide protection from the sun’s scorching heat, which can be detrimental to family members, especially during the summer seasons. They help protect people from the risk of skin cancer which is caused by the premature ageing UV rays, which have the strength of penetrating normal windows.

Offers Privacy.

While it is understandable to open windows or doors to allow fresh air and experience the lovely sunny days, it might not work well for those living in a concentrated area or near the road.

Solar screens are ideal for protecting the house from the peeping eyes of passers-by and keeping the house activities private. They’ll give the much-needed privacy without compromising on the air circulation.

Saves Money And Is Budget Friendly.

Although people might think that all these benefits of solar screens have a huge price tag, the long-term benefits of installing them minimize the cost of house cooling since they prevent over 90% of the sun’s heat.

First, the installation costs are far less than having high-efficiency tinted windows. Also, it excludes the need for an AC that runs full time on electricity, hence saving on power costs. Furthermore, the darker mesh features a strong material, so they’ll last longer than regular screens, which reduces maintenance costs.


Still wondering what are solar screens? Well, this post has outlined the meaning and the benefits of having them installed in the house. Ranging from offering ultimate privacy, protection from the sun’s harsh rays to saving on cooling, electricity, and maintenance costs, there are no better reasons homeowners should have them installed in their windows.

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Exploring Options of an Acoustic Panel for Sound Reduction

In order to design a home recording studio, a perfect sound system is needed. It is important to enjoy the better recordings and the process will not be complicated as well. While looking for the acoustic panel installation, it is important to consider the right acoustic foam panel. The selection should be carefully made since it reduces the reverb and echoes while sound quality is improvised in the recording session. However, it is important for the buyer to be aware of the fact that every acoustic foam tiling is not designed equally. Ordering to find the right panel can be an overwhelming task since thousands of choices are available.

Know the difference:

Acoustic panel installation depends largely on the purpose for which it is being used. Sound blocking can prevent the transfer of sound from one space to another. On the other hand, sound dampening can reduce certain tones like reverb or echo. The reason for knowing the purpose clarity is because the material used in sound-absorbing boards is different.

Acoustic Panel made of Jute and Wood Frame

Acoustic wall panels made of jute and wood frame are one hassle-free option and can fit easily in any décor need. Made in the USA, such panels are quite attractive as compared to other sound dampening choices. Besides, they are highly functional and quite superior. Considering the NRC rating of 1, certainly, the panels are capable of absorbing 100% of the sound. The use of the material is one reason why it can last for quite a long time. In terms of pricing and accessibility, such panels can work the best no matter whether it is being used in bedrooms, music rooms, or conference rooms.

Acoustic Foam Tile made with an Adhesive Product

Another amazing option to not ignore is the acoustic foam panels made with an adhesive product. This pattern is available in small size and also in medium size. It is easy to install and comes with an adhesive product. The design of the square is made in such a manner that it can be customized well but may take additional space. This panel is designed to dampen the flutter echo and reverb and is best for a home theater setup.

Acoustic Foam Tiles for Ambient Noise Reduction

Another finest choice to consider is the foam tile that is designed for YouTubers, home recording studios, home theater, or gamers to record content. This foam tiling can be installed on the ceiling or wall. It is light in weight and will not damage any equipment even if it falls accidentally.


The above choices can certainly make it a lot more convenient for the buyer to consider the right sound dampening panel. Along with it, the buyer must acquire better knowledge about blocking and dampening which are two crucial categories of sound reduction. The buyer should be clear with the purpose of using the panel and the size of the space that can dictate the use of the product. Anyhow whichever acoustic panel installation needs to be done, it is going to be cost-effective and hassle-free.

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When most of us think of a basement, we think of a dingy room to store things. We often think of it as a room with potential but never really do much to ensure that it reaches its potential. The best way to ensure that the room reaches its capacity is by renovating it. When you renovate the basement, there are endless possibilities of the things that you can do with that space. You can turn it into an extra room and even rent it out if you want to. Basement renovation also impacts the property’s value. All of this can be done when the basement has been renovated correctly. For that, you need a reliable partner like Reno Duck. They have years of experience in providing unparalleled basement renovation service. Before you make a decision, there might be multiple things on your mind. We are here to clear some air about it.

What is the approximate cost of finishing the basement?

The cost of renovating the basement is dependent on the amount of work and labour required. The cost is dependent upon the company. Reno Duck provides the best competitive pricing there. They will give you an approximate cost when you share your idea with them.

What type of flooring should be used?

Whenever any room in the house is being renovated, one of the main decisions to be taken is the kind of flooring. For a basement, you can install any type of flooring you want. The flooring is dependent on what you intend to use the basement space for. If you want to use the basement as an extra kitchen or a bathroom, you can opt for ceramic tile flooring. These tiles are easier to clean and are a great option to be used in an area with high moisture. Based on the purpose, the experts will recommend you to the choice of material which will be best suited for the basement.

Does it add value?

If you want to sell the house in the future, renovating the basement will add value to the property. Basement renovation has a high-profit return. Many times home buyers look for homes that have a renovated basement. When planning to sell your home, your house will be a more attractive option as it adds to the house’s resale value. Renovating the basement is a life-long investment. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, you can always rent out the basement.

How long does a renovation take?

Constant work going on at home can be tiring. Many times, we consider the time taken for renovation before we decide whether we want to take that step or not. The amount of time to renovate a basement can be anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. It is a rough estimate. The time taken for renovation is dependent on various variables and the amount of work that is needed. The experts will inspect your basement and provide you with a timeline.

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