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Interior Designers Share the Home Decor Tips Everyone Should Know Before They Turn 30

People in their early to mid-twenties tend to experiment with their lives and explore many different opportunities. As a result, they often move to a different country or city and stay in apartments. While you feel fine living a little irresponsibly and ignoring the interior house design in your early twenties, you will prefer a more settled and stylish home design by the time you reach thirty. Hence, you should make a few changes in your home before reaching that age. They do not have to be very complicated. Simple DIY interior designs will work as well. Mentioned below are a few tips shared by interior designers that everyone should know before reaching thirty:

01 of 03 Tips for choosing your room furniture

  • If you have lots of items out in the open, it will cause visual clutter and make the interior house design appear busy. Hence, you should store them away from clear view. Creating additional storage can be difficult for this purpose if you have a small home. This is why you should opt for furniture pieces that come with storage. You can easily find many different types of furniture pieces like sofas, beds, benches, etc. that offer sufficient storage space to store your belongings. As a result, your room will not appear cluttered anymore.
  • Consider adding vintage items to your home decor. You do not necessarily have to invest in expensive pieces. Any old furniture you received from your friend or family will be sufficient. In case you do not have one, you can buy a cheap one from a local flea market. It will not go outdated even when trends change because of its timeless appearance.
  • People living in cities grow tired of city life over time. To feel closer to nature, adding natural elements to the home decor is a great idea. Consider buying furniture pieces featuring natural materials. They will give your interior house design a serene and calm feel. A beautiful wooden dining table in your dining room or coffee table with a marble top in your living room will make the space appealing and welcoming. Since natural materials are quite durable and sturdy, you do not have to worry about damage as long as you maintain them properly.

02 of 03 Tips for choosing your wall colour

  • Before choosing a paint colour for the walls, you must keep in mind that the colour may appear slightly different depending on the lighting conditions. Also, many people realise that the wall colour is not appearing as good as the colour on the chart. You can avoid this problem by painting a large piece of paper with the same colour and sticking it to the wall. If you feel the wall is still appearing appealing, you can go forward with your decision. However, do not rush. Check it at different times in the day so that you can understand how it appears under different lighting conditions.
  • If you are painting the walls of your home, you can never go wrong with neutral shades. These colours are inspired by the elements of nature and hence, help to create a calm and relaxing home design. Depending on your preferences, you can just use one colour or a combination of a few. Research online and check a few magazines to see how different colours might appear on the wall. This will help to make a better decision. Throw in a few dark accents to complement your neutral colours and elevate the appeal of the space.
  • Although it may seem like a great idea, avoid painting the ceiling white. This is because white makes the rest of the colours in the room appear brighter. If you choose any other colour, the bold colours in your room will appear more subtle.
  • Painting the walls is not the only way to design. There are other DIY interior design ideas as well. You can add visual interest to any boring wall by sticking wallpapers. You can easily find wallpapers in many different colours and patterns. Make sure you choose an option that complements the rest of the elements in your room. However, you must keep in mind that removing the wallpapers can be a tiring process.

03 of 03 Tips for choosing artwork

  • You may feel that artwork is unnecessary now but you will surely want a few in your home by the time you reach 30. Artwork is great for decorating your home. Many people however do not get one because they believe that only rich people can afford artwork. This is not true as you can get great artwork at very affordable rates as well. Although you can easily find replicas of famous paintings, try giving an opportunity to your local artists. They can create great pieces that will appear stunning in your home. If you have an artistic side, you can create amazing artwork for your home as well. Choosing a DIY interior design idea will not cost you a lot as well.
  • Many people stick to just two or three paintings. Instead of limiting yourself to just a few, you should consider creating a gallery. A beautiful wall gallery can completely change the appearance of your home interiors.

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Cushions – Accessorise Your House

Accessories for that home are simply as essential as individuals for the person. They assist to produce and finished the feel of an area, adding character. Many reasons exist to incorporate cushions inside your room design this is a listing of five.


Adding a couple of cushions for your room is a superb means by which introducing a a little colour before it is too loud and garish. So many people are cautious about adding vibrant or strong colours for their houses in fear that it could not look stylish, especially if they would like to market it later on. However, as cushions are removable, they’ll pose no threat to potential customers. They are able to provide the plainest of décor a brand new lease of existence and a little colour.

For that more adventurous designers, using eco-friendly cushions to clash with pink cushions or red cushions to clash with yellow cushions can produce a bold design statement. Whether this is actually the only vibrant colour within the room, or just comprises a part of a psychedelic fantasy room can be your personal imagination!


Cushions can be found in plenty of sizes, from small scatter cushions to XXL cushions. How they are being used is actually your decision all large, all small or a mixture of both of them. Using a combination of sizes can also add depth towards the look that you’re attempting to create and therefore really are a common technique.


The standard form of a cushion is square yet it’s not restricted to this. Nowadays there’s a range of shapes of cushion varying from square, round and rectangular, to flowers, hearts as well as lips. Altering and different the form of cushions that you employ can also add a method feature and definitely demand attention.


There are various materials available to select from when deciding which cushions would be perfect for your house. Materials include fabric, velvet, polyester and silk among others. The fabric from the cushion changes the appear and feel from it consider an ordinary pink silk cushion compared to an ordinary pink fluffy cushion.


Obviously, the pattern of the cushion is among the primary stuff that you see about this, as a result it is among the primary style features. The initial question to deal with is whether or not you really want any pattern around the cushion whatsoever, or desire to make it simple having a plain colour. A well known approach would be to combine patterned and plain cushions to produce a stylish yet decorative effect.

You will find a nearly infinite quantity of patterned cushions to select from including floral cushions, pop-art cushions and striped cushions. There’s a well known trend of United kingdom-themed cushions right now because of the Olympic games and Queen’s Gemstone Jubilee. Cushions with Union Jack flags, images of the queen as well as postage stamps really are a popular method to jazz-your home this season.

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The Reason Why You Need Oak Dining Room Chairs

While planning your dining area décor, consider placing oak dining room chairs round the dining room table. Oak furnishings are resilient and strong. They’ve created a hot and enjoyable ambiance within the dining area. Additionally they increase the stylish and complicated feel from the room.

Oak dining chair designs

Inside a reputed furniture outlet, you will find an array of oak dining chair designs. Oak chairs with natural finish would be the preferred selection of most buyers. To combine the dining room chairs using the contemporary furnishing of the diner, select oak chairs with leather padded or fabric seats.

Why choose oak dining room chairs

Oak may be the traditional materials within the European furniture industry. Elaborately crafted oak furnishings were broadly utilized in the stately houses of Europe. This durable and sturdy timber can last for generations.


Durability is an essential property of furniture made from oak wood. With minimal maintenance, they may last for several generations. Oak is resistant against scratch and stain. Natural tannic acidity from the wood repels unwanted pests and fungi, therefore maintaining natural appearance from the timber for any lengthy time.


Oak is really a highly versatile material. The challenging hardwood could be crafted into variations. It works with rustic in addition to modern interior styling of the dining area. Based upon the inside style of the area, you are able to pick a simple oak chair or perhaps an elaborately designed one. Improvement in style won’t modify the strength, endurance and excellence of the timber.


Although oak platforms are very costly, thinking about the lengthy duration of the furnishings, buying oak furnishings can be viewed as a lucrative lengthy-term investment. Every quality cheap wooden furniture cannot last half the duration of oak furniture.

Easy maintenance

A tough and sturdy timber for example oak requires regular maintenance. However, the initial appearance of oak chairs could be retained with minimal care. Aging deprives the timber of their natural oil, therefore which makes it prone to insect or yeast attack. Use of teak oil or Danish oil helps you to support the original appearance from the timber. With appropriate care, the look of the dining room chairs will improve with time. Extreme temperature and humidity are dangerous for forest. Reducing heat exposure and moisture boosts the reliability of the furnishings pieces. Waxing the chairs once every couple of several weeks helps you to keep up with the original finish from the furniture. Waxing also protects the wooden chairs from scratches.

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The Arrival and Use of Art Deco Knobs

Art deco knobs are an incredible method of adding style and elegance towards the kitchen. The movement acquired recognition within the 1920’s and 1930’s. This era not just affected architecture but additionally affected fine and applied arts too. Jewelery, Furniture, clothing, graphics and sculptures. It took it’s origin from obvious cut geometric shapes and architecture. Frank Lloyd continued to increase the movement with the addition of in patterns and colors.

Art deco knobs, pulls and handles are pretty straight forward and enhance the good thing about your kitchen area ten folds. Earlier these knobs arrived brass, bronze or chrome casts however there are also them in surefire, antique brass, nickel and polished chrome. Now they’re also present in much better colors as designed to the initial ones. They are offered is various designs and patterns in order to fit your home windows, drawers, doorways and kitchen cabinet. By using a couple of steps and selecting the best hardware you are able to change a dull spot to an excellent showplace. The initial step is by using only art deco knobs on all of the cabinet and furniture, next replacing shaky and worn knobs by traditional art deco knobs. To boost the feel of your homes further you may also install art deco lights and bells, this gives it an entire arty look.

Because the colors utilized in the skill deco knobs are very dramatic they are utilized to help make the interior of the room look vibrant and chirpy. You will get brilliant ideas by searching through magazines or talking to an inside designer while remodeling your house. Benefits of these fancy knobs are: They are available in dazzling colors, brilliant designs and patterns, so that you can pick the knob that meets your personality. They likewise have glass knobs which may be selected to provide a very effect towards the rooms. They may be utilized in themed rooms and washrooms. Glass and silver will always be a few of the safest choice you could depend onto acquire a classy look. These come in copper, ceramic and gemstones also. Available too are knobs produced from colored beads knotted together onto an easy knob, small stone carvings fixed in the heart of metallic plate to create a knob.

Much like accessorizing your clothes the cupboard must also be accessorized and taking advantage of a skill deco knobs will certainly provide a wealthy and stylish look. Art deco cabinet hardware is definitely on magazine catalogs an internet-based. If you select these styles for your household you can be certain the different shapes and colors will combine to make a wealthy look. You could ensure getting selected a stylish searching knob when you’re selecting from your art deco style since they’re naturally wealthy in colors and artistic history.

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Ideas to Get Beautiful Curtains

Fed up with that old curtain? Do something about it now! It should be completed to boost the look at your home windows. You should possess a nice view to help keep stress away. You are able to drink a mug of tea near your home windows and watching the folks activities outdoors. If you reside in the area with great view, you’ll want lots of nice scenery to become uncovered in your window so those who come to your residence is going to be interested to determine the scenery using your window.

One method to boost the view is as simple as installing curtains inside your home windows. The curtains will certainly make sure they are look more beautiful. It may boost the outdoors view and also the interior planning of your property. If you have enough time you can begin to create a plan concerning the best material for the home windows.

There are lots of types of curtain fabrics. Modern, Victorian, minimalist, classic, and lots of other kinds may be used to boost the look at your home windows. Before choosing the curtains, make certain you have the program already. Properly selected model will prove to add certain atmosphere to your room. It may add some beauty, excitement, relaxation, privacy, and lots of other atmospheres to your room.

If you’re a beginner and you don’t understand how to create a layer design, read some magazine of interior planning. You’ll be able to select if the ideal curtain may be the velvet, transparent, lace, silk, plain, or printed curtains. You may choose different palettes for various home windows. It is always good to possess customized curtain that literally brings the brand new aura to your house.

Layer must reflect the aura from the room. If you wish to install curtain within the children room, you need to install colorful curtain. You are able to give dramatic-searching curtain for your dining area and romantic-searching curtain for your bed room. Things are relied on the aura from the room.

The colour of curtain must blend using the wall or even the house appliances colors. It’s accustomed to bring the harmony from the room. You shouldn’t use a curtain in shocking color to some dark-colored room. So that you should bring the same color and never the alternative color.

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Accessorize Your Doorways With Great Door Hardware

Doorways are among the elements in almost any room that typically will get checked out with regards to interior planning and redecorating a specific room inside a house. Even though many people should see door hardware like a necessity or perhaps a security feature, there’s a particular degree of style and design which goes into each door knob or handle. When selecting the best door handles or knobs for your household it might appear just like a small detail, but there’s lots of thought that should get into selecting the best hardware for design for house you’ve and just what you want to use like a design element towards the house.

Among the first points to consider when you’re selecting the best kind of hardware to make use of on your property is what the objective of door knob is going to be where it will likely be used. Different knobs can be used as the leading door, bed room doorways, bathroom door and patio doorways. Have the ability to a particular reason for opening a door, nevertheless the appearance of every door differs. For example, a door handle along with a deadbolt combination would be best utilized on the leading door of the house since it provides protection as well as adds an ornamental touch. Door knobs are usually utilized on bed room doorways, bathroom doorways and then any other interior door. They satisfy the requirements of having the ability to lock but don’t need to be as secure like a door lock. Door levers however tend to be more decorative and could be utilized on French doorways or patio doorways.

Once you choose what specific type of door handle or knob you want to use it’s time to choose what finish you’re searching for. Finishes include styles for example oil applied bronze, polished brass, satin nickel and lots of other kinds of finishes. There’s no wrong or right style to select from with regards to the conclusion of the door handle, however you should make certain the style that you select complements all of those other house. For those who have an old-fashioned style house you might want to avoid satin nickel lever door handles because satin nickel emits a far more modern look. Rather oil applied bronze or polished brass can be a better idea.

Additionally towards the style and appear of the particular door knob, there’s additionally a technological aspect towards the hardware too. For example, to strengthen security on the house, many householders install door knobs that need a finger marks to be able to get access. They many even go a step further and install ones that need a burglar code so as to get into the home. However, simply because you’ll need a high security door handle does not necessarily mean you need to quit the look part of the hardware. Finger marks door knobs can include just as much decorative hardware just like any other door knob or handle available.

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