Doors can be opened either manually or automatically. Automatic Door openers have become highly popular. When choosing one, multiple things need to be taken into account. You need to see the amount of footfall there will be. Apart from that, you have to look into the speed and force of the door. When installing automatic doors, you also need to keep the safety device in mind. There are different energy operators you need to choose from. Following are the different types of door openers you can choose from.

Low Energy Swing Door Operator

The Low Energy Door openers are a great option when there are low traffic applications. This means that around 30-40% of the traffic would be making use of the door operator’s function. Activation can be done by various methods like push to open, button actuators, keypads, card readers, key switches and remote control. You can opt for safety sensors along with this operator. Though it is not a necessary addition it is a great decision. Getting the safety sensor will help to improve the operation as it works to prevent the door from contacting the pedestrian. It is also easier to maintain. As the door operator requires low energy, it works at a slower speed which gives the pedestrians enough time to cross. The door has zero degrees to 90 degrees of opening and closing. In case of power loss, it operates like a standard closer.

Full Energy Swing Door Operators

As the name suggests the full energy swing door works quickly and continuously. When you need automatic door openers for handling 100% of the daily traffic you receive, this is a great option. The door moves quickly and continuously, so it is essential to have safety devices. Guiderails, safety devices and presence sensors should be installed with this type of door operator. However, the type of devices to be installed along with it is dependent on the opening application and the kind of football the business would be receiving. As this door allows for quicker passage, it has a 100% duty cycle. You can opt for a full energy swing door application with sliding, swinging, folding and revolving doors.

Door Activation and Safety Devices

Activation devices are essential. They are what pushes the door operator into action. There are presence sensors which are also attached to the door. Their task is to detect the presence of the object or person within the predetermined area. Both the devices together help to prevent the door from striking the person or object that is passing through the door.

Reach out to the expert

Choosing the type of automatic door can be a daunting task. For this decision, it is best to reach out to the experts. They will help you to evaluate what your requirements are. Based on your needs they will suggest the type of door and devices that would be the ideal fit for you. With experts by your side, the process becomes smoother. You can reach out to them whenever you want and have all your questions answered.