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Interior Designers Share the Home Decor Tips Everyone Should Know Before They Turn 30

People in their early to mid-twenties tend to experiment with their lives and explore many different opportunities. As a result, they often move to a different country or city and stay in apartments. While you feel fine living a little irresponsibly and ignoring the interior house design in your early twenties, you will prefer a more settled and stylish home design by the time you reach thirty. Hence, you should make a few changes in your home before reaching that age. They do not have to be very complicated. Simple DIY interior designs will work as well. Mentioned below are a few tips shared by interior designers that everyone should know before reaching thirty:

01 of 03 Tips for choosing your room furniture

  • If you have lots of items out in the open, it will cause visual clutter and make the interior house design appear busy. Hence, you should store them away from clear view. Creating additional storage can be difficult for this purpose if you have a small home. This is why you should opt for furniture pieces that come with storage. You can easily find many different types of furniture pieces like sofas, beds, benches, etc. that offer sufficient storage space to store your belongings. As a result, your room will not appear cluttered anymore.
  • Consider adding vintage items to your home decor. You do not necessarily have to invest in expensive pieces. Any old furniture you received from your friend or family will be sufficient. In case you do not have one, you can buy a cheap one from a local flea market. It will not go outdated even when trends change because of its timeless appearance.
  • People living in cities grow tired of city life over time. To feel closer to nature, adding natural elements to the home decor is a great idea. Consider buying furniture pieces featuring natural materials. They will give your interior house design a serene and calm feel. A beautiful wooden dining table in your dining room or coffee table with a marble top in your living room will make the space appealing and welcoming. Since natural materials are quite durable and sturdy, you do not have to worry about damage as long as you maintain them properly.

02 of 03 Tips for choosing your wall colour

  • Before choosing a paint colour for the walls, you must keep in mind that the colour may appear slightly different depending on the lighting conditions. Also, many people realise that the wall colour is not appearing as good as the colour on the chart. You can avoid this problem by painting a large piece of paper with the same colour and sticking it to the wall. If you feel the wall is still appearing appealing, you can go forward with your decision. However, do not rush. Check it at different times in the day so that you can understand how it appears under different lighting conditions.
  • If you are painting the walls of your home, you can never go wrong with neutral shades. These colours are inspired by the elements of nature and hence, help to create a calm and relaxing home design. Depending on your preferences, you can just use one colour or a combination of a few. Research online and check a few magazines to see how different colours might appear on the wall. This will help to make a better decision. Throw in a few dark accents to complement your neutral colours and elevate the appeal of the space.
  • Although it may seem like a great idea, avoid painting the ceiling white. This is because white makes the rest of the colours in the room appear brighter. If you choose any other colour, the bold colours in your room will appear more subtle.
  • Painting the walls is not the only way to design. There are other DIY interior design ideas as well. You can add visual interest to any boring wall by sticking wallpapers. You can easily find wallpapers in many different colours and patterns. Make sure you choose an option that complements the rest of the elements in your room. However, you must keep in mind that removing the wallpapers can be a tiring process.

03 of 03 Tips for choosing artwork

  • You may feel that artwork is unnecessary now but you will surely want a few in your home by the time you reach 30. Artwork is great for decorating your home. Many people however do not get one because they believe that only rich people can afford artwork. This is not true as you can get great artwork at very affordable rates as well. Although you can easily find replicas of famous paintings, try giving an opportunity to your local artists. They can create great pieces that will appear stunning in your home. If you have an artistic side, you can create amazing artwork for your home as well. Choosing a DIY interior design idea will not cost you a lot as well.
  • Many people stick to just two or three paintings. Instead of limiting yourself to just a few, you should consider creating a gallery. A beautiful wall gallery can completely change the appearance of your home interiors.

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