The Good and Not So Good Of Dome Homes

What is a dome home?

 A dome home is a living space with doors and windows like the conventional house, but for its spherical shape.  As the name suggests, a dome home is a round ellipsoid or spherical. It’s a house with an eggshell framework.

Types of dome homes

1.    Geodesic dome homes

A dome home’s structural frame is a polyhedron. This means the exterior face is a pattern of interconnected triangles. A triangle is the most sturdy construction shape used in making bridges, terraces, and other architectural frameworks. Therefore, a dome home is a sturdy house.

Geodesic dome home has windows and doors. Further, it is energy efficient, making it an affordable design for homeowners looking for unique housing solutions.

However, a geodesic dome risks sipping water inside the house. If one of its many joints weakens, the entire shell can be flooded as moisture sips through the seams.

2.    Monolithic dome home

A monolithic dome home significantly uses concrete. The term monolithic means one stone. Therefore, a monolithic dome home has a thick layer of concrete. It is also resistant to bugs, moisture, and rot, thanks to the thick layer of the concrete exterior.

Conversely, a monolithic dome home is not appealing from the outside. The homeowner compensates for the exterior’s monotonous looks with intricate interior details. One can customize the interior to reflect taste, style, and preference.

Further, it is challenging to find a mortgage for dome homes. Dome homes are relatively challenging to dispose of and can last longer than other homes before finding buyers.

Advantages of investing in a dome home

A spherical house is an “out of the box” living space. However, many advantages have made it unique from the 1950’s to date. Some of the most outstanding qualities of a dome home include:

  1. Energy-efficient-A monolithic dome can significantly cut down energy bills by half. The dome shape refracts light, making solar energy the ideal alternative.
  2. Disaster-proof- Dome homes are significantly becoming popular in storm-prone regions. A dome home is indestructible. Its round shape only allows air to move around the exterior face reducing the wind’s velocity. The open-face walls in conventional houses have a wide surface area which impacts the house, causing it to succumb to windstorms. A dome home can withstand tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires. These qualities make it an ideal safe house when disaster strikes.
  3. Cost-effective- A dome home is a low-cost solution housing solution. The spherical shape means less surface area than conventional houses. A dome home uses few building materials, cutting construction costs by half the regular cost.
  4. Unique housing solution- A dome home is a unique housing solution. The spherical shape stands out from the rest of the houses. It is the preferred housing option for the unique, independent homeowner who wants to make a statement.


A dome home is a house with windows, doors, and sufficient space, save for its spherical shape. It’s energy-efficient, affordable, and unique. A dome-shaped house is a safe house and the likely solution for disaster-prone regions affected by catastrophic storms and disasters.