When most of us think of a basement, we think of a dingy room to store things. We often think of it as a room with potential but never really do much to ensure that it reaches its potential. The best way to ensure that the room reaches its capacity is by renovating it. When you renovate the basement, there are endless possibilities of the things that you can do with that space. You can turn it into an extra room and even rent it out if you want to. Basement renovation also impacts the property’s value. All of this can be done when the basement has been renovated correctly. For that, you need a reliable partner like Reno Duck. They have years of experience in providing unparalleled basement renovation service. Before you make a decision, there might be multiple things on your mind. We are here to clear some air about it.

What is the approximate cost of finishing the basement?

The cost of renovating the basement is dependent on the amount of work and labour required. The cost is dependent upon the company. Reno Duck provides the best competitive pricing there. They will give you an approximate cost when you share your idea with them.

What type of flooring should be used?

Whenever any room in the house is being renovated, one of the main decisions to be taken is the kind of flooring. For a basement, you can install any type of flooring you want. The flooring is dependent on what you intend to use the basement space for. If you want to use the basement as an extra kitchen or a bathroom, you can opt for ceramic tile flooring. These tiles are easier to clean and are a great option to be used in an area with high moisture. Based on the purpose, the experts will recommend you to the choice of material which will be best suited for the basement.

Does it add value?

If you want to sell the house in the future, renovating the basement will add value to the property. Basement renovation has a high-profit return. Many times home buyers look for homes that have a renovated basement. When planning to sell your home, your house will be a more attractive option as it adds to the house’s resale value. Renovating the basement is a life-long investment. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, you can always rent out the basement.

How long does a renovation take?

Constant work going on at home can be tiring. Many times, we consider the time taken for renovation before we decide whether we want to take that step or not. The amount of time to renovate a basement can be anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. It is a rough estimate. The time taken for renovation is dependent on various variables and the amount of work that is needed. The experts will inspect your basement and provide you with a timeline.