Understanding Solar Screens and Their Benefits.

During warm seasons, the bright light and rays from the sun can cause an uncomfortable blaze; this warmth can further make the house feel like a greenhouse. Installing a screen on doors and windows is one of the necessary steps for households looking to keep good airflow and protect their houses from pests and insects from outside.

But for those who look to have good air circulation and privacy, solar screens are the most ideal. So, what are solar screens? And what are the benefits they bring? Read through this post to learn more.

What Are Solar Screens?

Solar screens are special screen mesh usually made of polyester weave and sometimes has an added strength of PVC coating. Typically, they are installed on the window exterior to black them out.

While they are not the most efficient way of minimizing heat transfer across glasses, solar screens help with solar heat gains. The National Fenestration Rating Council is a government body tasked with rating windows on how well they are insulted, but they don’t possess ratings on solar screens.

Benefits of Using Solar Screens.

After we’ve answered this questionwhat are solar screens? It is prudent to know the benefits of using them too. Read below to learn the pros of installing solar screens.

UV Rays Protection.

For those living in warm climate areas and are experiencing all-year hot weather, it is crucial that they have the perfect protection against UV rays.

Solar screens provide protection from the sun’s scorching heat, which can be detrimental to family members, especially during the summer seasons. They help protect people from the risk of skin cancer which is caused by the premature ageing UV rays, which have the strength of penetrating normal windows.

Offers Privacy.

While it is understandable to open windows or doors to allow fresh air and experience the lovely sunny days, it might not work well for those living in a concentrated area or near the road.

Solar screens are ideal for protecting the house from the peeping eyes of passers-by and keeping the house activities private. They’ll give the much-needed privacy without compromising on the air circulation.

Saves Money And Is Budget Friendly.

Although people might think that all these benefits of solar screens have a huge price tag, the long-term benefits of installing them minimize the cost of house cooling since they prevent over 90% of the sun’s heat.

First, the installation costs are far less than having high-efficiency tinted windows. Also, it excludes the need for an AC that runs full time on electricity, hence saving on power costs. Furthermore, the darker mesh features a strong material, so they’ll last longer than regular screens, which reduces maintenance costs.


Still wondering what are solar screens? Well, this post has outlined the meaning and the benefits of having them installed in the house. Ranging from offering ultimate privacy, protection from the sun’s harsh rays to saving on cooling, electricity, and maintenance costs, there are no better reasons homeowners should have them installed in their windows.