When you are a homeowner, there are so many appliances and things that you need to take care of. Being lost about one of the aspects can make you feel overwhelmed in case an issue arises. Whether you already have a furnace at home or looking to install one, you must understand how it works. A clear understanding of the work will help to ensure that you can find the right solutions at the right time. To ensure that the furnace serves you for a long time to come, reach out to the experts at AirMakers. They will come and carry out all the maintenance work needed to keep your furnace running smoothly. During that, they will thoroughly inspect the furnace to ensure that there is no plausible issue that could go out of hand in future. If you are looking to install one, they will do that for you. Some of the major components that form a crucial part of the furnace are as follows:


The thermostat is responsible for declaring the temperature of the room. It is the device that helps to control the furnace. Each thermostat comes with a gauge that can be adjusted to get the level of heat that you want. Automatic thermostats are also available. They can be remotely adjusted, whereas, the non-automatic ones can’t be. After the room reaches the set temperature, the thermostat sends a signal to the furnace which turns it off.


It is that aspect of the furnace which is responsible for producing the heat that is distributed by the furnace. The burner does so by producing the flames. When the burner receives the signal from the thermostat, the fuel will ignite it. The number of burners that a furnace will have is dependent on its size. Most furnaces have multiple burners which heat the exchanger to the set temperature.

Heat Exchanger

Now that the heat has been produced, it needs to be circulated into the rooms. This is done by the heat exchanger. Apart from ensuring that the warm air reaches your room, it also protects your house from the dangerous gases that are produced during combustion. It ensures that these gases don’t escape into the rooms.


The responsibility of the blower is to ensure that the air which has reached the exchanger is circulated evenly to reach the surfaces. There is a fan that is placed inside the blower that helps the warm air from being circulated through the ducts in the house.


The air from the furnace reaches each room through the ducts.

How long do furnaces last?

Furnaces have been designed to function throughout the year. During winters, it can be used to warm up the house. It can also be used for cooling the home during summers. The experts at AirMakers will guide you through this and help you make the best out of your furnace system. They will carry out the installation efficiently without causing hassle.